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Starry Night (2018) is a game that was made with Novelty Visual Novel Maker Engine. This game is like a simulation that you will play as a role of a male student, and your goals is to make it to the end of school year by studying, participating in school activities, and making new friends.

NOTE: Please switch to Windows Mode if you are going to input your name. (Maybe a simple bug), then after that you may now enjoy the Fullscreen Mode.

The game takes place in a small city we're a man (Default name Dave, can be fix) was moved and transferred to a a new school because he was always bullied by his classmates. Then he expected that students from his new school was different so he will be able to start a new life and make friends. However, making a new friend is not easy since he is a stranger for the others.

Game features:

  • A story driven that may bring you to a different story paths based on your choices and stats earned.
  • 6 available endings, including 4 best different endings, 1 good ending, and 1 worst ending.
  • Your achievements will be acknowledge at the Honors' Awarding Event
  • Multiple interactions like working, hanging out with others, studying, giving gifts, etc.
  • Special events like festivals, birthday celebrations, contest, etc.
  • Invite female students to dance or to come with you during festivals.
  • Talk and gift to your classmates you loved most.

And you are allow to fall in love with 4 candidate bachelorettes:

  • Annie: The smartest in class, multiple-awarded student. She spent her free time at studying and reading novels so she doesn't have any close friends.
  • Joyce: A shy-type student who is isolated to everyone. She spent her time just hanging out at the school rooftop and watching people from above.
  • Lucy: An artist. She acts like a boy or a tough woman. But she's caring and kind woman. She spent her time by drawing landscapes or portraits. She also like video games and reading mangas.
  • Quinn: She's cheerful and energetic. An optimistic person that she want to be a successful cook one day. She's training now at the cafe.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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